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How to Get a Free Gas Furnace

Free gas furnace, free gas heater, free gas heating system, free forced air heater, this type of nonsense comes in the mail, across the Internet and over the radio every year. Is getting a free gas furnace really mean getting a free gas furnace?

Free gas heater advertising is a staple of a couple of different marketing organizations. They are telling you the truth about their heaters, but that truth "getting a free gas furnace" is somewhat suspect and it comes with a few catches.


Free Gas Heater Advertisement Exposed

We all have had those letters in the mail:

Free Gas furnace with new air conditioning!

Desperate contractor giving away free gas furnaces?

I purchased too many gas heaters and must give them away. My loss is your gain!

Attention Southern California Home Owners:
56 of you are about to make an important financial decision…


“Frustrated Contractor
‘Giving Away’ $1,900                                        
Home Furnaces for $541 with
Off-Season Central Air ….”                                 

(This is the “Hottest AND Coolest Deal of the Century”
… especially if your gas heater is over 8 years old)


Dear Friend,

            I’m about to make you a deal that’s hard to refuse if you’ve got an “older” (and probably less than optimally efficient) gas furnace.

I’ll replace your old gas furnace AND your air conditioner as a “package deal” for at least $1,900 less than you would pay any other time of the year.

Sound too good to be true? 

It’s not and here’s why.  I’m making you what sounds like an unbelievable offer because it actually makes good sense for my business.  And you come out a winner, as well! 

You see, I know from experience that January, February and March are my slowest months when I actually end up losing money … then have to spend the next 9 months trying to make up for it.  Right now, I have no reason to believe the 2011 home heating season will be any different.

That’s why I’ve decided to give up trying to make a profit during these months and minimize my losses … so I can come out ahead the rest of the year.

So, here’s how I can make the incredible offer at the top of this letter ….

Every year the biggie gas heater manufacturers guesstimate how many heating and air conditioning systems to produce.  Since there’s no way of knowing what the weather will be like and other factors that affect furnace and air conditioning sales, these guys always have leftover inventory, excess gas heaters and air conditioning systems, they have to hold onto until the next heating and cooling season.    

I saw a great business opportunity in this and went to one of these biggie companies (they won’t allow me to use their name in this letter) and contracted for the purchase of 56 of these premium air conditioners that were going to just be sitting around.  Plus, I bought 56 gas furnaces – all in the 4 most popular heater sizes used in Southern California homes. 

Because of the number I bought and the time of year I purchased them, I got an unbelievable deal  … rock-bottom prices.

Don’t get me wrong – these are brand new, top quality, 2010 natural gas furnaces and premium air conditioners.  Not “seconds.” Not “blems.”  Not builder-grade.  These are premium air conditioners and home furnaces fresh from a name brand factory with a full factory warranty.

How to Get Your Name Brand Gas Heater for Virtually Nothing

By putting together this home furnace-plus-air-conditioner package (I call it the “Hottest AND Coolest Deal of the Century”) … going through some heavy negotiations with the manufacturer … then committing to buying 56 heating and air conditioning systems outright, I got BOTH the gas furnace AND the air conditioner at a price that would have made Sam Walton proud.

This means when you buy one of these 56 new, premium-quality air conditioning and heating systems, I will “give” you the gas furnace and ask you to pay only the $541 in labor it costs to install your home furnace.  

Pick up your phone right now …

            Simply call me at 1-877-247-6426 at anytime so I can come out and measure your home (to see if I’ve got the proper size home heater and air conditioner).  Remember … I’ve got only 56 matched home heating and cooling systems in 4 sizes so you’ll want to let me know VERY SOON that you’re interested.  When these 56 systems are gone, they’re gone and this offer is null and void.  Call me right now at 1-877.247-6426 so we can get the ball rolling!

            As part of the deal, I’ll show you how much the air conditioning costs … how much your home furnace WOULD have cost … and your savings when buy your new air conditioner and furnace as part of this special offer.  The price I show you will include all installation materials and labor.  There’s no fine print, nothing left out.

Earlier I said that making you this amazing offer is
also good business for me …

            The way I look at it, by letting YOU win big now, I’ll win at the end of the year.  And I won’t have to “make up” for lost sales during January, February and March.

            I figure if I make you an absolutely irresistible offer … if your home furnace or home air conditioner is pushing 8 years or more … and if I barely mark up the price I paid, I’ll accomplish 2 major objectives that will allow me to reduce my losses the rest of the year. I’ll be able to …

-------------Pay my overhead (rent, utilities, insurance and taxes) during the slow period

  • -------------Keep my service & installation technicians busy enough to pay them

-------------Work instead of sitting at home.

            As you can see, when you take me up on my “Hottest AND Coolest Deal of the Century” EVERYONE IS A WINNER!

And by the way, there’s no obligation when you have me
come out to measure your house and explain the installation ..

            If you decide you don’t want to take advantage of this incredible deal (although I can’t imagine why you wouldn’t want to save this kind of money on a home heating and cooling system), it’s no problem.  You’re not obligated in any way.  In fact, just for taking time to read this letter and having me out to survey your house … I’ll give you a Very Special Free Gift ($60 value). Why?   Even if we don’t do business together now, I want you to remember us in the future.

If you’re thinking a new gas heater(& air conditioner) isn’t in your budget --
don’t worry!  You don’t have to pay me right now …

            Because I’ve tried to think of every reason possible why you WOULDN’T take me up on this spectacular offer, I’ve even made arrangements for a super bank rate financing plan.  And I’m not “marking up” the interest rate like so many other companies do. 

While I can’t promise you this, it’s possible that with this financing plan your monthly investments in a new air conditioning and heating system could be more than paid for by the savings you see on your monthly utility bills. 

My Disappointment-Proof Heating and Cooling Guarantee

            Talking about lower utility bills … I’m so sure you’ll see at least a 25% cut in your heating and cooling bills (in reality, it may be more like 35%+), if you don’t I’ll pay you twice the difference for 2 years. 

            Not only are you getting a new first-quality gas heater virtually free, plus a first-quality air conditioner at a great price, I guarantee you’ll lower your home heating and cooling bills by at least 25% … or I’ll pay you double your savings for 2 years.  (This alone should convince you that these systems are some of the very best quality and most efficient available.)

But you’ve got to act fast … call me at 1-877-247-6426 right now!
This offer ends March 15th, no matter what ….

            Don’t wait to call me.  Here’s why.  I have only 14 of each of the 4 sizes.  When all of the home air conditioners are sold and all the home furnaces “given away” in a certain size, the “Hottest AND Coolest Deal of the Century” is over.

              And if I still have any of the 56 systems left on March 15th, this offer still ends.  The reason is that my business always picks up about April first.  Since these home furnaces cost me so little, if I’ve got any left I’ll sell them next winter at last year’s prices and still come out ahead. 

            So call me right now at 1-877-247-6426. 

                                                                        Thanking you in advance,

                                                                        Jim Eichman

P.S.  Remember, there’s no obligation and – even if you change your mind once I measure your house and give you the estimate – you still get that Free Gift worth $60.*


Want to know more about warrantees and guarantees, real and pretend, click here.

Let’s tear apart this letter and see if you are really getting your new furnace for free or are you being hoodwinked.

Statement:      Frustrated contractor giving away $1,900 furnace for $541.

Is it true:   If we install a new or replacement air conditioning system at full price can we give away a $1900 furnace for $541? Yes. In fact if you print out this letter (letter pdf) and present it to us at the time of the proposal we certainly can honor that up to 56 nearly free furnaces. That means a discount off of our published price (you can see the prices and we haven’t raised them in 2 years). That amount to a discount of $1359.00 right off the top. I can do that for you just to know that this advertising is working and to keep my factory trained and comfort certified staff business installing new furnaces and new air conditioners during the off season. (this statement is true although the furnace still costs $541 and isn’t free)

Statement:      January, February and March are my slowest months…next 9 months

Is it true:   I am going to have to agree with this. Those are the slowest months of the year and most HVAC contractors struggle to stay alive for the first nine months of the year. This is the reason that I can offer to meet this letter in full content. With the economy the way that it is “keeping busy” is the best solution.

Statement:      “I bought 56 premium air conditioners…I bought 56 furnaces…4 most popular sizes”

Is it true:               This is “probably not true.” It is not a good financial move to sink so much money in inventory and have it sit there for a season. It is foolish, so if someone is actually doing this they are not very wise to the ways of business finances. I have a large warehouse where my distributor of heating and air conditioning equipment places the equipment for me to use for free. It is purchased on consignment and when it is installed for a client just like you, I just send in the purchase order and am billed out for the heating and air conditioning equipment. This lowers the cost of doing business and we pass those savings along to you saving you money on your new heating and air conditioning installation. This is one of the reasons why we can match this letter and why we can provide you a free estimate for furnace repair, a free estimate for air conditioning repair, a free estimate for new air conditioning and a free estimate for new heating installations. The 4 most popular furnace and air conditioner sizes pretty cover just about the entire range used for homes.

Statement:      “manufacturers guesstimate….leftover inventory”

Is it true:               This is absolutely true. There has only one year in my entire 25+ year career that we ran out every size air conditioner. The problem is that the manufacturers do not charge less for last year’s inventory unless there is some sort of regulatory problem with selling the older air conditioners and older furnaces. New construction doesn’t care what kind, quality or efficiency the air conditioners or furnaces are. They typically only want the cheapest components on the market.


Statement:      “if your furnace or air conditioner is pushing 8 years or more … and if I barely mark up the price I paid”

Is it true:               I don’t know where this “barely mark up the price I paid” is coming from because there isn’t a major component of your system that costs that $541 (they are referring to labor for the $541 amount). Perhaps this is referring to the overall installed price for the full heating and air conditioning system. I am going to go ahead and refer to this as “probably not true.”

Statement:      “Because of the number I bought and the time of year I purchased them, I got an unbelievable deal … rock-bottom prices.”

Is it true:               This could be true as the distributors will negotiate prices when a quantity of new furnaces and new air conditioners are purchased at one time, but they don’t take off a lot of money. Any firm that is large, like The Empire Family of Services, and sells a lot of new furnaces like we do, will negotiate the prices upfront for the entire year. We do and we pass those savings along to you enabling you to spend the least amount of money possible for your new home comfort investment.


Statement:      “If you’re thinking a new furnace (& air conditioner) isn’t in your budget -don’t worry! You don’t have to pay me right now …”

Is it true:   This is true. We can finance just about anybody with low monthly investments and those monthly investments can be offset by the savings you will see in your utility bills and breakdowns. New furnaces don’t have to cost a lot of money.

Statement:      “at least a 25% cut in your heating and cooling bills”

Is it true:   This statement is true. A new furnace can be as much 505 more efficient than an older worn model and a new air conditioner will be at least 30% more efficient and as much as 60% more efficient than an older model that is as little as 8 years old. Efficiency gains in the market place were driven my legislation at the Federal and State level and those gains are very significant. The average homeowner should save somewhere in the neighborhood of $500 to $700 a year in utility savings. With this new furnace savings and new air conditioning savings spread over 10 years you could save as much as $7,000 at today’s utility rates making a new home comfort system very affordable for you and your family.

Statement:      “I guarantee you’ll lower your heating and cooling bills by at least 25% … or I’ll pay you double your savings for 2 years”

Is it true:   The average homeowner in the United States pays about $1941 a year in heating and cooling utility bills. If you saved absolutely nothing then the way that this is written the contractor wouldn’t have to pay you anything (2 x no savings equals nothing). If you saved 24% you would have saved $465.84 a year for the first 2 years (0.24 x $1941) for a total savings of $931.68 and the contractor could be on the hook for $1863.36, if you saved your utility bills and had them to compare. I believe that the letter has a typo in it and they meant to say that they’ll double the difference between the amount of projected savings and the amount you actually received over that two year period. Is this promise true? Yes, I believe it is true. I have only a single client ever tell me that their heating and air conditioning bill went up after we installed there system. We traced the problem to a broken duct in an outside wall. It was not the equipment or the installation.

Given the facts stated in the letter I would have to say that this letter is actually pretty true on the surface, but don’t wait for one of these letters to come in the mail. You can give us a call right now and get the same savings day in and day out just by giving us a call.

"I am motivated to write the recommendation because of the impressive and excellent service I received from the moment I called when I finally decided to have my AC installed to the very end of the installation process...."


Karen Romberg


"I was impressed wiht not only the great work Nick and his assistant Armando provided, but I thought Nick's honesty and professionalism went a long way toward making me feel that I made the right choice to go with Empire."


Scott and Connie Taylor


"...They arrived, as scheduled, a few minutes after I received a call that they were on their way. The men were polite and considerate......The installation was perfectly done, and they cleaned up well and packed their equipment. I am very satisfied with their service, and their work is to be highly commended."


Allena Kim

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*$60 Gift

Unfortunately the State of California prohibits contractors from giving away any gift exceeding $15. This regulation is contained in the Business and Professions code so we cannot do that, but the rest of the letter we certainly can abide by just for visiting this website. In lieu of the $60 gift I will go ahead and give you an additional $60 off the required permit. I want to make sure that when you receive a heating and air conditioning system from the Empire Family of Services that you get:

……Everything you want in heating and air conditioning
……Everything you need in heating
and air conditioning
……And you get it for the least amount of money possible!

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Is your air conditioning system capable of reducing or eliminating the three danger levels of indoor air pollution? Study and study has shown that the air inside the average home is upwards of 5 times more polluted than the air outside the home.

A good place to start down the road to clean air recovery is have the Empire Family of Services perform an air conditioning and heating tune up for you. You have three filters in your air conditioning system. The first filter is the filter inside the furnace or return air chamber. We clean that one during your air conditioning tune up. The second filter is inside the evaporator coil. The evaporator is wet the entire time the air conditioning is running. When dirt and debris make it past your first air conditioning filter they can become trapped on the moist sticky surface of the evaporator coil creating a breeding ground for indoor air pollution.

We’ll take of that with a thorough cleaning during your air conditioning tune up. The dirt and pollutants that make it past your second air filter, the indoor evaporator coil, pass through your ducting and into the airstream of the home where they can get caught in your third air filter, your lungs.
An A/C tune up helps to keep your lungs clean








Why not take care of your lungs and your health by starting down the road to clean air recovery is to have the Empire Family of Services perform your air conditioning tune up today. Give us a call at (877) 247-6426 and book your ticket to clean air recovery now.


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A home heating and air conditioning system that breaks down is no comfort at all.

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duct cleaning should be performed when the ducts are dirty

Spring cleaning is a misnomer. If you furnace needs to be cleaned, if your air conditioner needs to be cleaned it should be serviced now. Waiting until a certain time of year is foolish because........

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Duct cleaning should not be performed by carpet cleaners. New heaters, new furnaces, firebox and heat exchanger repair.

Be careful when you have your ducts cleaned. There are many companies that end up causing more problems than they solve. Some of these problems are......

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