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How come some companies charge you hundreds of dollars just to show up at your door?

The 10 Steps to a Comfortable-Enjoyable Air Conditioning Technician Visit

Air conditioning servie steps to great affordble ac repairsIf you have ever had an home central air conditioner fixed you know that the waiting for the air conditioning repair man, the anticipation of the A/C repair man arriving and occasionally the surprise bill that the A/C repair encompasses at the end of the job is never very pleasant. I think most people just about rather go without fixing their air conditioner given the problems that some of those air conditioning repair companies send them through. Well. Maybe not going without the air conditioning fix, but rather putting off that air conditioner repair as long as possible.

And that is part of the problem.

There is not any excuse for waiting for the A/C repairman. The central A/C repair company should have enough staff and their A/C repair technicians should be knowledgeable enough to quickly repair many central air conditioning systems in a single day, so you should not have to wait all day long. You also should not be surprised about the cost of the A/C fix, as prior to performing the central A C repair, the central AC repair technician should have given you a full detail on what was going to happen when they were going to fix your air conditioner. You also should have presented an agreement for your written approval for any air conditioner fix before beginning the central air conditioner repair. We’ll get into how air conditioning service technicians, and some air conditioning repair companies, attempt to persuade you into feeling obligated to accept the A/C repair because they “already” performed it (hint; an illegal trade secret)a little later. First, I think we should go over the waiting for a “central air conditioning repair company” to show up at your door and how to minimize any waiting, politely and efficiently with your central A/C repair company.

Step # 1: How to Minimize the Aggravating Wait Time for an A/C Repair Company

waiting for air conditioning service is never a fun home improvement ritualBy the time you have reached her you are problem wondering if my fingers are being victimize by the central A/C stutter. Don’t worry, I am typing like this on purpose so that as many key air conditioning phrases, key A/C words and key central air conditioner misspellings appear in the text as the search engines on the Internet are looking to match up the relevant A/C phrases to the A/C repair text that I write. If it were not for these key central air conditioning phrases you probably would not have landed on this site.

I hate waiting for the Central Air Conditioning Repair Company.

I do not blame you for not liking to wait in anticipation for the air conditioning repair technician. All too often the air conditioning technician is the bearer of bad tidings or rather the, deliver of the confirmation of bad tidings. Most people already know that their air conditioning system is experiencing serious problems long before the Empire Family of Services fixes their home air conditioner. Whenever you book an air conditioning service appointment with a local central heating and air conditioning company in order to remove the agonizing wait time you should only book with a company like the Empire Family of Services that has these guarantees:

1. You are given a two hour appointment window for any A/C fix

2. If we are so much as 1 minute late for that two hour window you don’t pay one dime.*

A two hour service window for arrival is enough time for over 97% of all air conditioning repair appointments. We here at the Empire Family of Service know that you have a choice in which A/C service company you use and we strive to be that company every single time. We want to make you happy and we have been making homeowners, just like you, in neighborhoods just like yours, happy for nearly two decades. If we are late, we will waive the fee, guaranteed. We aren’t just going to tell you that we will be on time, like so many other companies promising you the world, but not fulfilling those promises, we will make sure that we are or we will pay. That is a guarantee that you can count on.

Step # 2: This problem you can solve yourself.

Air conditioning savings start with your great ideasSo many people put off the repair of their air conditioner until the first wave of super hot and muggy summer weather hits that our phones are overloaded. This puts a lot of stress on out air conditioning office staff and our air conditioning repair technicians to fix so many air conditioners in such a short amount of time. You can save money and time by calling before the season hits and the phones goes ballistic by calling now and having your air conditioning tune up before the heating season. It’s cheaper, your home won’t be boiling hot, you will have a easier time picking an appointment time most convenient to your schedule, and we won’t feel like we need to rush through you’re a-c repair.

I am sure that you will agree with me that you will be more relaxed and more in driver’s seat for your air conditioner repair, be able to fully evaluate all your options, be able to shop and negotiate better and more to your advantage, if you are not pressed to get that central air conditioner fixed by this evening. We want you to have an enjoyable relaxing experience when we come to help you out with your air conditioning problems. We are in the people helping business and with a little planning and foresight on your part, you can be in home repair throne.

Step #3:  Get it in Writing BEFORE THE REPAIR HAPPENS

All home improvement agreements (air conditioning and heating repair is home improvement) are required to be in writing and are required to be approved before the work is started. This is contained within the California Business and Professional Code. If the job is above $500 the agreement is required to not only be in writing, but have written authorization prior to commencement.

My competition doesn’t want me telling you this….

But, if the air conditioning repair technician doesn’t put it in writing first, you don’t owe him any money. You have the right to cancel any work or repair performed in your home by midnight of the third business day of the signing of a home improvement contract, not including the day the contract was signed, even if the work has been performed. Every home improvement contract is required by law to have this statement in writing in the vicinity of the acceptance signature.

Step #4: Use a company with the experience to help you right the first time

Your air conditioning problems are a thing of the past when you call the Empire Family of ServicesA general rule of thumb is that they need to be in business at least 10 years or at least one and one half times as long as any warranty or guarantee that they offer, whichever is greater. If they offer a 10 year parts and labor guarantee they need to have been in business at least 15 years. It only makes sense. If a first or second year company is promising you a 10 year parts and labor guarantee that guarantee is nearly worthless as that company most likely will not be in business that long. About 20% of all contractors go out of business each year. Only one in 20 companies will be in business in 20 years. These are hard air conditioning facts and those fact should tell you that you shouldn’t believe everything you are told. Go with a company that has a lengthy positive track record. The Empire Family of Services does. We are here to help.

Step #5:  Make sure that company is rated well.

They should be members in good standing at the BBB and the California League of Homeowners. They should be members of a leading organization(s) like ACCA (Air Conditioning Contractors of America), NADCA (North American Duct Cleaners Association, NATE (North American Technicians Excellence), NFPA (National Fire Protection Association, NFPA writes the National Electric Code, QSC (Quality Service Contractors), Airtime500, and the PHCC (Plumbing Heating Cooling Contractors Association. We are and I am the Past president of the Plumbing Heating Cooling Contractors Association.

Step #6:  If they install new air conditioners, make sure they can finance you

A/C repairs and A/C installations can be paid for in easy monthly installmentsIf the contractor cannot secure financing for you or hesitates to offer you financing it could be a reflection of their inability to partner with a number of banks. Banks will not partner will a fly by night air conditioning contractor, a contractor in bad standing or a contractor that does not pay their bills and has bad credit.

Step #7:  Make Sure they are licensed contractors

Check them out to see if they have violations on their license. It is all on the web.

Air conditioning contractors are required to be licensed by the stateStep #8:  Make sure they have workers compensation insurance – general liability

If a air conditioning contractor does not have workers compensation insurance it means that they are either hiring illegal labors to help them perform the work or they are so unsuccessful that they have never been busy enough to hire an employee. In either of these cases you are hanging your warranties and your finances out on a very weak limb. A one man outfit goes out of business with a broken arm or leg or even a truck transmission failure. An outfit that hires illegal workers, this could be illegal aliens or just workers working under the table, is already performing the job illegally and non-code approved. If they skimp on the basics of employment what else are they skimping on? Your furnace, your air conditioning, Freon, other? If they are not insured with workers compensation and they get hurt on your property the law says that you have to pay for the doctors bills, the retraining and the weekly payment to replace earnings just like a workers compensation insurance carrier. This is even if you had no knowledge that they were working illegally. It is a big risk.

Step#9:    Make sure they are certified to do the work

Air Conditioning repair people who know what they are doing are comfort certifiedComfort certified, EPA certified. Trained and trained and trained. We have the only in house dedicated training here in Orange County that I have ever seen or even heard about. We have to retrain new employees that have 10 or more experience every time because of bad habits, bad practices and no training.

Step #10:  Make sure they pull permits

 The surest way to be ripped off in this industry is to let the permit slide by. The inspector works for you, the homeowner, not the contractor and they are there to ensure that the job is performed properly, safely and is up to the manufacturers installation instructions. The only reason that I know to avoid the permit  process to cut corners on the installation and the materials. These corners, when cut, lead to excessive electrical bills each month. Large gas bills in the winter, more repairs bills for years and a shorter life span of the equipment.

Finally, not show much a step to getting receiving great service, but a caution when shopping for a new system. If you are not offered a top of line system, 95.5% AFUE+ and 20 SEER+ air conditioning, then chances are very good that the person you are dealing with doesn’t know what they are doing. Let me explain why.

The typical air conditioning system here in Southern California lasts about 12 years, give or take a few years.

So the first thing through your mind is what? Most reactions to that statement, the average air conditioner lasts about 12 years, can be summed up in three responses:

That’s too short. My last air conditioner lasted 20 plus years.

That’s too long. My last air conditioner only lasted 8 years.

That’s about right. My last air conditioner only lasted 12 years.


The different aspects of the life of home central air conditioning system are variables that are controlled by you and the service history of your central air conditioning system. We know, everyone in the industry knows, the reason why central air conditioning systems fail. The reasons can be easily categorized. Here they are:

Lack of required yearly maintenance.
Lack of proper refrigerant charge.
Improper application. Too big or too small.
Lack of proper use. Inadequate air flow and rapid cycling.
Worn out due to age and use.


So let’s tackle those responses to “most air conditioners last about 12 years here in Southern California.”

My central air conditioning system lasted 20 years.

Old air conditioners not only look bad but they cause high electric billsA central air conditioning system can certainly last years or more and I have worked on systems as old as 50 years. Try as I might I could not convince those people to change out their central air conditioning units, so I repaired them as they requested, but was that really the right move. When fixing a central air conditioning system a service professional should give you the opportunity to make your decision as to whether to fix the central air conditioning or invest in a new central air conditioning system. It is not the job of the heating and air conditioning service technician to make that your decision for you. The air conditioning and heating service technician’s job to educate you, inform you as to your heating and air conditioning options, and allow you to make the decision that is right for you and your family. That decision could be to install a new central air conditioner or it could be to fix the existing central air conditioner.

The air conditioning systems that last 20 plus years have typically been taken care of. The filters have been kept clean and the condensing units have been kept clean. The using number hours is only average, not running the air conditioning less or running the air conditioning more. The most amount of wear and tear on an air conditioner is when it starts, not when it’s running. Once running the air conditioner will run for more than a decade non-stop without problems.

So, why not keep that great old unit?

The air conditioner is running so good it’s costing them more than an air conditioner that breaks down. That’s right. An air conditioner that doesn’t break down for 20 years is costing the homeowners more than the air conditioner that broke down in twelve years and had to be replaced. The reason the older great running air conditioner costs more to own is that energy efficiency in heating and air conditioning system has jumped tremendously in the last 10 years. New units cost 50% or less to operate and the amount of savings from electrical use on a new system versus 20 years old central air conditioner will actually pay for the new system. The new system is free. So, we can fix it for you, if want, and if you are emotionally attached to your 20 plus year old central air conditioning system, but we are going to give you your options and let you know that we feel that it is in your best interest to invest in a new central air conditioning system. Our job is to inform you and give you the information required to make the wisest decision for you budget, your home and your comfort. Only you know enough information to make the right choice. We are here to help.

My air conditioner only lasted 8 years.

There are a few reasons for this truncated life span for your central air conditioner.

First, if you purchased one of the newer scroll compressor systems when they first came onto the heating and air conditioning scene in the early to mid 1990’s you got a lemon.

he compressor oil passages were not made properly, they were too small, and the compressor died early because of a lack of oil lubrication. That problem was resolved and it no longer exists.

Second, if you purchased the first generation of R410a air conditioning units, so many installed in new construction, you got a lemon.

The newer technology was faulty. R410a runs at nearly twice the Freon pressure of R22. When R22 technology was transformed into R410a use the compressors suffered. The average life span for that first generation of R410a compressors was right around 8 years. We here at the Empire Family of Services only installed field proven materials and were not involved with the millions of units that were installed first generation.

Third, the cleaning, charging and maintenance of R410a system is more technically challenging and more technically problematic than R22.

R22 air conditioning systems are much more resilient to sloppy air conditioning work habits than R410a and, as a result of poor quality craftsmanship, R410a air conditioners have always suffered a higher failure rate sooner than R22 units. R410a requires a higher degree of Comfort Training and cleanliness during the installation process and repair process. That is why all of the heating and air conditioning technicians here at the Empire Family of Services continue their training after they become Comfort Certified.

Fourth, it could be cleanliness.

Dirty filters and dirty evaporators coils can be solved by yearly A/C maintenanceA lack of maintenance, dirty air filter, dirty outdoor condensing coil or a dirty indoor evaporator coil takes a serious toll on the air conditioning system be it a R410a air conditioner or a R22 air conditioner. Crushed ducting or ducting too small does the same damage as a dirty evaporator coil or dirty air filter.

Fifth, too big a system.

Bigger is definitely not better when it comes to air conditioning. The central air conditioner in your home actually performs two functions and the first function isn’t even the function that you set your thermostat for.

The first function of a central air conditioner.

Air Conditioning's first job is drying the air to make it more comfortableThe first function of a central home air conditioner is to remove moisture from the air. In the summer time it is not so much the heat that is uncomfortable, it is the humidity. Too much humidity can make 80 degrees seem almost unbearable whereas if you remove the humidity 80 degrees is quite pleasant for most people. Some of you reading are thinking that’s crazy. I like to keep my central air conditioning thermostat set below 70 degrees. The reason that you want the central air conditioner thermostat set below 70 degrees is because your system is not pulling the moisture out of the air so your body’s own cooling system isn’t working as well as it should.

Think about this. Here in Southern California we have a lot of days in the winter that hover near 80 degrees. It is pleasant to walk out in the sun in a T-shirt. Now on that same day if you stopped walking and stood still under a tree and a slight wind picked up you would get chilled, wouldn’t you? The temperature of the air under that tree is still 80 degrees. The temperature of that slight breeze is still 80 degrees, so what happened? Stop reaching for your sweater and stand out in the sun. It is the sun’s rays warming you, not the air. 80 degrees air is about 17 degrees cooler than you body temperature so it should be cool. The only difference between the 80 degree summer weather and the 80 degree winter weather is the amount of moisture in the air. The winter time we are as dry as the Sahara desert and sometimes in the summer you can almost swim through the air.

This is where the oversized air conditioner is a real liability. The temperature is turned down cooler in the home to adjust for the inability of the system to remove the moisture from the air. The oversized air conditioner cannot remove the moisture required because it cools the air off quickly and then shuts off. An ideal air conditioning system will adjust to the amount of air conditioning that your home needs and cycle between levels of cooling. A two stage cooling system. This allow the air conditioner to work longer using less electricity to run (remember it is smaller) and these longer cycles can pull far more moisture out of the air allowing you home to cool more comfortably. The constant on off cycling of the air conditioner that is too big for the home will cause it to prematurely age and die young.

The second function of an air conditioner

The thermostat on the air conditioning is important, but it doesn't do all that much.The second function of a central home air conditioner is to lower the air temperature as seen on the thermostat. This is called sensible heat while the moisture heat in the air is called latent heat. This is what just about everybody thinks of as being warm or cold. It is absolutely amazing how this works out. I have been in many offices where a number of secretaries are complaining about it being either too cold or too hot. Going over the air conditioning and heating systems and finding nothing wrong with them I have discovered that often the thermostat itself is off a few degrees. So, I adjust the thermostat and the problem goes away. Mind you many of commercial thermostats have two settings in them. One thermostat controls the heating and air conditioning and one thermostat is for viewing. They are not connected and adjusting the thermostat that you see has nothing to do with the temperature controls of air conditioner. Adjusting the impression of temperature, cool or warm, seems to be every bit as important as actually cooling and warming of the air. Many commercial thermostats do not even have a temperature display just for this reason. The second function is really only to display to you the temperature of the air and this has very little to do with comfort, but it is easy to gauge.

We work on all furnaces and heaters including Rheem furnace, Ruud furnace, Carrier furnace, Day and Night furnace, Bryant furnace, Lennox furnace, Ducane furnace, Premier furnace, York furnace, Heil furnace, Tempstar furnace, Coleman furnace, Red T furnace, Cozy furnace, Empire furnace, Williams furnace, Interthem furnace, Trane furnace, American Standard furnace and more.

Some of the cities that we work in are: Aliso Viejo, Anaheim, Brea, Buena Park, Costa Mesa, Cypress, Dana Point, El Toro, Fountain Valley, Fullerton, Garden Grove, Huntington Beach, Irvine, La Habra, La Palma, Laguna Beach, Laguna Hills, Laguna Niguel, Laguna Woods, Lake Forest, Los Alamitos, Mission Viejo, Newport Beach, Orange, Placentia, Rancho Santa Margarita, San Clemente, San Juan Capistrano, Santa Ana, Seal Beach, Stanton, Tustin, Trabuco Canyon, Villa Park, Westminster, Yorba Linda, Sunset Beach, Bell Gardens, Bellflower, Carson, Cerritos, Commerce, Diamond Bar, Downey, Gardena, Hawaiian Gardens, Industry, La Habra Heights, Lakewood, La Mirada, Long Beach, Lynwood, Montebello, Norwalk, Palos Verdes, Paramount, Pico Rivera, Rancho Palos Verdes, Santa Fe Springs, Signal Hill, South Gate, Whittier

We specialize in heating repair, furnace repair, air conditioning repair, a/c repair, a c repair, duct repair, duct cleaning. We also install new air conditioning, new a/c systems, new furnaces, new heaters and new heating systems. We work on heat pumps, split air conditioning systems, water furnaces, hydronic heaters, package air conditioners and mini split ductless systems.

We service all brands of Freon air conditioning and perform the following services, Freon leak detection, Freon leak repair, adding Freon, topping off Freon, Freon dye testing, Freon change out, Freon conversions, Freon compressor replacement, Freon valve replacement, ultra violet Freon leak testing, isolation Freon leak detecting, evaporator coil cleaning, evaporator coil mold reduction, evaporator coil replacement, evaporator coil upgrade, condesning unit replacement, compressor replacement, condensing coil replacement and much, much more.

We are a full service central heating, air conditioning, service, repair and installation company.

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Debbie Hathaway

"The crew that installed my system were the hardest working I had ever seen. Mauricimo was especially impressive to me. He made changes for me always with a smile on his face and went out of the way to make sure I was happy with the job."


Robert Sumners


"We are very happy with everything now that it is installed and working. Your workmen, JOhn and his two helpers, and Scott and his helper did a fantastic job. Everything nice and clean and they all had great personalities. Again, we thank you."


Joyce and Don Moncon

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What typically breaks in a home air conditioning system?

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If you have been told that you need a new air conditioner by any other contractor give us a call and we will give you a FREE 2nd OPINION. We'll go over your entire system step by step and give you a comprehensive report so that you can make and educated decision as to repair or replace your air conditioning system and we'll do this for FREE. Coupon 2nd Opinion

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What Breaks?
The air filter is dirty and blocks airflow.

The evaporator coil is dirty and blocks airflow.

The condensation drain is plugged and floods the home.
The evaporator coil rusts out and floods the home.
The transformer short circuits and shuts the system down.
The thermostat fails to accurately track temperature.
The fuses blow because of loose or corroded electrical connections.
The system leaks Freon.
The fan motor bearings give out.
The compressor wears out. Locked rotor or gone to ground.
Tripped circuit breaker. Usually a loose or corroded electrical connection.
Contactor make poor contact and chatters wildly.
Break in the low voltage control wiring.
Over pressure control activated.
Shorted circuit board.
Condenser airflow blocked from weeds, dirt, debris.
Ductwork crushed, open, loose.


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When We Help You With your Home Improvement Needs Our Quality Craftsmanship Comes with These Strong Guarantees

Heating and Air Conditioning Guarantees ensure that you only pay once for any home improvement or repair


No Lemon Heating Guarantee

If any part that we’ve installed in your heating system fails to perform the way the manufacturer states it should, within the first year, we will replace that part with a new one and you won’t be paying us one dime.
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You home will be comfort and furnace problem freeHome Comfort Guarantee

What our guarantee says is that on a minus 10 degree day, your home will maintain, plus or minus 3 degrees of 70 degrees at the Comfort Controller when we replace your furnace. That’s right, we put it right here in writing. On a 95 degree day, your home is going to maintain, plus or minus 3 degrees of 75 degrees at the Comfort Controller when we replace your air conditioner. If it doesn’t we will do anything up to and including replacing the equipment, insulating your attic, resizing ducting or refunding your money, all of your money. The additional work will be at no charge to you whatsoever.
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Free heating and a free furnace test drive for a complete yearYour 365 Day Free Test Drive

Our Company is going to give you 365 days to think about it if we replace your furnace or your air conditioner. We call this our ‘You can’t be making a mistake – I want to think it over guarantee”. This is a 365 day test drive. We want you to test drive your New Home Comfort System through all four seasons to make sure that it meets and exceeds all of your expectations. You’ll be using your new Home Comfort System throughout the cold and clammy winter season, you’ll get to drive through the sneezing, sniffling asthma season, spring, you’ll get to cruise through the hot and muggy I can’t sleep at night summer season and finally your going to be able to triumph through the cold and flue season, fall. After you’ve passed through all of these seasons only then do have to make a decision. If you’re not satisfied with the performance of the system, if for any reason or if for no reason whatsoever you are not satisfied with this system, give us call and we will refund 100% of your investment and we’ll give you interest. You don’t get to keep the system and we must be allowed to remove every part of it within 7 days of the written request (email or letter) and within the 365 day time period and you must sign a damage waiver, but you just received a year’s worth of heating and cooling absolutely for free. We don’t believe you can possibly be making a mistake by having us perform this installation for you.
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Your home will be safe when we instlal your new forced air furnaceYour No Lemon Firebox Guarantee

What our no lemon firebox guarantee says is: If you experience a firebox failure within the first tens of ownership of any furnace that we install, if that firebox cracks, we will not replace the firebox. We will replace the entire furnace with a brand new furnace and you won't pay a dime. You won't pay for labor. You won't pay for supplies. you won't pat for permits. You won't pay for shipping and you won't pay for handling. As far as we are concerned over here at the Empire Family of Services there is no way that we will let you get stuck with a lemon firebox and no one ever should.
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free estimate 10 year parts and labor heating and air conditioning guarnatee





Never again pay a single penny for any repair for 10 years. This guarantee like all of our guarantees is in plain writing on each and every agreement.

Free estimates for a/c repair and new a/c systems It's your choice
When shopping for a new air conditioning and heating system most people don't use their heads  


A home heating and air conditioning system that breaks down is no comfort at all.


Guarantees and warranties protect you to the limits of what is written. For a better understanding of the benefits and limitations of guarantees click here.


A home heating and air conditioning system that breaks down is no comfort at all.

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The Empire Difference

  • Experienced, factory-trained,  and Comfort Certified technicians specializing in installation and service.
  • A dedicated fleet of more than 50 service vehicles pre-loaded with the necessary supplies.
  • A large inventory of materials and parts.
  • Up-front honest pricing guarantees.
  • Removal of old equipment at no additional cost.
  • Drop cloths and carpet protectors that leave work areas neat and clean upon each job’s completion.
  • Quality time tested heating and cooling products at the best dollar value.



This combination of services, combined with our Low-Low prices, is why most of our customers choose Empire over the competition for air conditioning repairs and air conditioning tune ups. We are your HVAC company.

- Jim Eichman, President Empire Family of Services


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Why not take advantage of these savings coupons right now by giving us a call at (877) 247-6426. with our guarantees and warranties there is simply no possible way you could be making a mistake by having us help you with your home improvement challenges including an air conditioner tune up..

Free duct cleaning with a new furnace installation

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Learn about the differences in Freon and what is in store in the future for your new air conditioning and new heating systems.

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Excellent air conditioning service is recognized by all

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duct cleaning should be performed when the ducts are dirty

Spring cleaning is a misnomer. If you furnace needs to be cleaned, if your air conditioner needs to be cleaned it should be serviced now. Waiting until a certain time of year is foolish because........

- Jim Eichman, President Empire Family of Services

duct cleaning should not be performed by carpet cleaners

Be careful when you have your ducts cleaned. There are many companies that end up causing more problems than they solve. Some of these problems are......

- Jim Eichman, President Empire Family of Services