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  • We tune up air conditioning and clean air conditioning
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  • Your air conditioning tune up super contractor
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Empire Master Care A/C Tune Up.

Air Conditioning tune up, air conditioning repair, air conditioning maintenance, air conditioner tune up, air conditioner repair or air conditioner maintenance. No matter what you call it, it must be performed yearly ensuring your home air conditioning system is safe and efficient to operate.

A full air conditioner tune up can usually pay for itself in lower gas and electric bills and much fewer breakdowns. Air Conditioning cleaning and air conditioner cleaning saves money. (877) 247-6426 toll free

Protect Your Home, Your Health and
Your Pocketbook This Summer

An Air Conditioning Tune-Up helps prevent breakdowns and high utility bills

An air conditioner is a very well engineered rough and tough appliance. It ‘s designed to battle through all kinds of abuse and continue to perform under most circumstances. This is an outstanding aspect of your home comfort system, your air conditioning system, but everything is rarely as perfect as it seems to be and this leads to complacency about routine maintenance for your air conditioner, routine cleaning for your air conditioner and yearly air conditioning safety check ups. Like any mechanical piece of equipment, your air conditioner needs regular a tune up to run properly, efficiently and safely. In fact, if your air conditioning is still under warranty, regular maintenance is required. Lack of regular maintenance will void your warranty.

Want to know more about warrantees and guarantees, real and pretend, click here.

Broken asbestos ducting can be found during a air conditioning tune up

Broken ducting, in this case asbestos insulated ductwork, is responsible , on average, for between 35% and 45% of every lost btu. That means that one third of every dollars worth of air conditioning is wasted through poor quality ducting. Give us a call now and stop paying those outrageous monthly utility overpayments.

Without regular air conditioning maintenance an air conditioner loses about 5% of it's original efficiency for each year of operation. This means that the 10 SEER unit that you bought just a few years ago may be functioning like a 6 SEER unit today. To put this in a little better perspective your air conditioner is like a racecar driver. When the car that is being driven isn’t in good tune it not only consumes more fuel, upping your utility bills, but it also doesn’t go as fast, causing your home to be warmer than it should or causing your air conditioner to run longer than it should.

The great news is that you can recover most of that lost efficiency (forgotten btu’s) through a regular air conditioning  maintenance program and we have one designed just for you. Studies show that with regular air conditioner  tune ups an air conditioning unit will maintain upwards of 95% of it's original efficiency for many years. This means that the cost of an annual air conditioner tune up is recovered, paid in full, very quickly by savings achieved on your monthly electric bill and reduced repair costs. We are reducing your monthly utility overpayments. A properly serviced air conditioner will also do a better job of dehumidifying your home and maintaining a comfort, clean indoor air environment.

If you're interested in preventing lost efficiency, recovering efficiency already lost, extending the life of your air conditioning equipment, reducing the possibility of a significant breakdown, and increasing you and your family’s comfort while lowering those monthly utility overpayments  then give us a call today to schedule your air conditioning preventive maintenance tune up. Your savings service visit.

To schedule your service all you need to do is call us at (877) 247-6426 and request our furnace tune up. Call today to schedule a time that’s convenient for you.

Empire Air Conditioning Care Plans

Choose the Empire Air Conditioning Care Plan to save money on your utility bills with our annual 15-point master tune-up - master heater repair. Our Ultimate Service Agreement (USA) Plans can provide you all the care your air conditioning, ducting and indoor air care system needs to operate at peak efficiency and maximum indoor air comfort. That’s why we call them Ultimate Service Agreements. These Empire Care plans include comprehensive tune-ups, discounts on parts and labor, diagnostics, guarantees as long as 10 year parts and labor for free and first rate front of the line service. All the protection you need to help avoid  bothersome and expensive unexpected air conditioner repairs, while helping to reduce your air conditioning electrical costs by as much as 30%, comes with your air conditioner maintenance, air conditioner cleaning and evaporator coil cleaning.



Our 17-Point Master Air Conditioning Tune Up - Air Conditioning Repair includes all the following services:


Clean the outdoor air conditioner coil (the air conditioning condensing unit coil)


Clean and adjust the outdoor air conditioning fan motor.


Lubricate all air conditioning motors, bearings and fans.


Lubricate all furnace motors, bearings, fans, and circulators.


Clean the air conditioner furnace air filter (air handler) or install a supplied air conditioning furnace air filter (air handler).


Test and adjust the Freon levels. (Freon, R22, R410a, Puron) Freon*


Inspect the air conditioning furnace (air handler) air ducts for leakage and damage.


Inspect electrical controls in the outdoor air conditioner (contactor, circuit board, relays, capacitors, low pressure shut off, high pressure shut off, freeze controls, etc.)


Test the fan-compressor operation (high load amperage, normal amperage, voltage)


Check air conditioner furnace blower motor (and belt if applicable).


Test and tighten all wiring and connections (high voltage, low control voltage)


Test Freon line set temperatures for sub-cooling-superheating-line pressure drop.


Test the air conditioning temperature drop between supply - return registers.


Test and adjust the air conditioning thermostat (if applicable).


Flush the condensation line out helping to ensure no air conditioning flooding.


Inform you of the condition of your air conditioning system. Give you options in writing.


Guarantee your air conditioner won't breakdown again this season.

The number one reason for air conditioning breakdown is lack of maintenance and the number one cause of air conditioning breakdown is dirt buildup.

Cleaning the Air Conditioning Condenser Coil
Your outdoor condenser coil performs a very tough job in hot weather. The condensing coil in the air conditioning unit takes the concentrated heat collected from your home’s air handling system and returns it to the hot outdoor air using the Freon as a transfer agent. It is hot as your coils can easily reach 150 degrees or more and experience pressures as high as 550 psi. When this coil becomes dirty, the fan struggles to move as much air as required for optimum efficiency and the pressures and temperatures start to skyrocket causing breakdowns and enormous electrical utility bill overpayments month after month. During your air conditioning tune up we will clean and rinse your outdoor air conditioner coil with either a non-acid or mild-acid solution (depends on the level of corrosion and type of dirt) to ensure a fully functioning heat transfer system maximizing Free air conditioning tune upthe btus to energy consumed to lower your electric bills and cool your home.  

Why Free?

The reason we are stating that your air conditioning tune up and air conditioning cleaning is free is because the money that you save in energy consumption from your air conditioner tune up will most likely exceed the investment of tuning up your air conditioner. The money that you will save in avoiding air conditioning breakdowns from your air conditioner tune up and air conditioning cleaning will definitely pay for the visit plus:

If we perform a air conditioner tune up and your air conditioner breaks down this season your service call is free.

There it is in writing. You cannot possibly make a mistake in having us perform your yearly A/C tune up and A/C cleaning. It just isn’t possible.

Common A/C Tune Up Questions and A/C Tune Up Answers

Why does my air conditioner make strange noises when turning on?


Your will be satisfied with your air conditioning tune up or we will redo the tune up for freeAir conditioning tune ups should never involve Freon. Freon should never need to be added.

The vast majority of time that the outdoor unit, air conditioner, makes noises on start up is that it is overcharged. The majority of heating and air conditioning technicians servicing homes and business are not trained properly, have never gone through factory air conditioning repair classes, and have just enough knowledge to barely make it through a service call pretending to know what they are doing.

The common approach used is that “if a little Freon is good, then a lot of Freon is better”. This cannot be farther from the truth. Too much Freon is every bit as bad as too little. The noise that you are hearing, a moaning “errrrrrr” and then a chug a chug for a half a second followed by a normal running noise is the result of too much Freon in the case of the compressor. This is situation is causing the compressor to try to compressor liquid Freon and is causing damage to the compressor every time it starts up. The most common cause of an air conditioner making this noise is a Freon over charge. The second most common cause is the heater in the compressor (this can be in the compressor windings or an external probe heater) not functioning. The function of the heater is to apply enough warmth to the compressor to keep the Freon in gas form for cold start ups.

When your air conditioner is serviced insist that your air conditioning service technician write down the number of degrees of sub-cooling (for system equipped with a thermostatic expansion valve-all systems 13 SEER and greater) or the superheat degrees. For newer systems, the number of degrees of sub-cooling is usually labeled on the description label on the outdoor condensing unit.

Why does the air conditioning furnace whistle when in A/C mode.

Tune up air conditioning return air registerObstructed airflow found during an air conditioning tune up

Registers that make noise are typically worn registers or bent fins, but when the furnace is making noise, a whistling noise, the problem is usually a lack of proper airflow. The filter could be dirty, the blower wheel could be dirty or the return air could be blocked. You are required to have approximately 6 inches of free area per one thousand btus of air conditioning. This means that a 5 ton air conditioning system duct, 60,000 btus, needs to have an interior unobstructed cross sectional surface area of 360 square inches. If the return air duct is rectangular it will be the equivalent of 20” x 18” on the inside. Since most registers are about 70% efficient a 20” x 18” register on that duct closes that return air duct to only 252 square inches of free air space. The reduction in sizing causes the airflow to speed up through the smaller area causing the whistling noise. This is the most common cause of whistling. Solution….add another register, another duct or increase the size of the existing duct and register. Problems like this are easily solved during a trip to your home while performing a whole air conditioning system tune up.

Why is my downstairs always cold and my upstairs always hot during A/C season?

We can tune up your variable speed motor

You are a victim of gravity. Hot air is lighter than cold air and therefore it rises to the upstairs. This temperature disparity can be mitigated by running the blower motor all the time in re circulation mode and altering the ductwork through additional ducting or through zoning. If you have a run of the mill normal furnace running the blower all the time can raise your monthly electrical utility payment by about $65 depending upon the size of your blower motor. Upgrading to a variable speed system will save you about $60 a month and perform the same task silently. For more information see the section on variable speed technology. When we are at your home performing your air conditioning tune up be sure to let our Comfort Certified factory trained pro your dilemma and they’ll evaluate your system and see what can be done to save you money and provide you and your family comfort.

With the factory trained Comfort Certified technicians here at The Empire Family of Services you can be rest assured that when we are done with your air conditioner tune up your air conditioner will be running at peak efficiency lowering your utility overpayment month after month and keeping your home cool, dry and comfortable.

your furnace tune up will be on time

Performance Guarantee... call (877) 247-6426

Calling The Empire Family of Services, Plumbing, Heating, Cooling & Electrical, is easy and performance is Guaranteed.. If your air conditioning system is repaired, installed or tuned up by our great staff here at Empire and it doesn't perform exactly the we say it will, then we will fix it for free. This is just our way of letting you know that we stand behind every word we say. You are making the right decision when you choose The Empire Family of Services as your Home Comfort Provider.

Now that is Efficient, isn't it?

Print this A/C checklist before you have a service technician come to your home

"Your enthusiasm and attention to detail has made my "Living with a Drip" just a faded memory...."


Virginia McNeil


"Just a note to let you know what a great employee Justin is. He is professional....My home was left clean...I recommend him for any job...He is great"


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You must be your own advocate when it comes to air conditioning repairs. Learn all you can, save more every day.

Air conditioning comfort starts with your phone call to us. We won't let you down.

 Your air conditioning tune up is the first step in controlling the quality of your indoor air.

Learn more about duct cleaning and indoor air quality by clicking here.










Is your air conditioning system capable of reducing or eliminating the three danger levels of indoor air pollution? Study and study has shown that the air inside the average home is upwards of 5 times more polluted than the air outside the home.

A good place to start down the road to clean air recovery is have the Empire Family of Services perform an air conditioning tune up for you. You have three filters in your air conditioning system. The first filter is the filter inside the furnace or return air chamber. We clean that one during your air conditioning tune up. The second filter is inside the evaporator coil. The evaporator is wet the entire time the air conditioning is running. When dirt and debris make it past your first air conditioning filter they can become trapped on the moist sticky surface of the evaporator coil creating a breeding ground for indoor air pollution.

We’ll take of that with a thorough cleaning during your air conditioning tune up. The dirt and pollutants that make it past your second air filter, the indoor evaporator coil, pass through your ducting and into the airstream of the home where they can get caught in your third air filter, your lungs.
An A/C tune up helps to keep your lungs clean








Why not take care of your lungs and your health by starting down the road to clean air recovery is to have the Empire Family of Services perform your air conditioning tune up today. Give us a call at (877) 247-6426 and book your ticket to clean air recovery now.


A home heating and air conditioning system that breaks down is no comfort at all.


Guarantees and warranties protect you to the limits of what is written. For a better understanding of the benefits and limitations of guarantees click here.


A home heating and air conditioning system that breaks down is no comfort at all.

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Don’t Lose Your Factory Warranty

In the last 10 or so years we have seen a dramatic upswing in the level of guarantees and warranties that heating and air conditioning manufacturers have been offering, or have we? Sure the advertising states these outstanding warranties and guaranties, but upon reading the fine print the vast majority of them are not any better than they have been in decades. One manufacturer even gives a 99 year guarantee on their air conditioning compressors.

Check out the fine print. Your A/C tune up could save your guarantee.








My question, who needs a 99 year guarantee in the first place? The guarantee is somewhat dubious as the guarantee is against manufacturer’s defects only. Since an air conditioning system is designed to last 12 to 15 years any guarantee after about 12 years is useless as the part that failed has already performed to the limit of its designed ability. The 99 year guarantee is bogus.

One of the ways that many manufacturers are avoiding paying out on guarantees is demanding to see proof that the system was professionally maintained. It is in writing in the fine print section of the guarantees that the system must be maintained each year by competent personnel. Since nearly all breakdowns are a direct cause of lack of maintenance nearly all guarantees are voided on the onset saving the manufacturer money without impinging upon the truthfulness of the claim of guarantee.

The Empire Difference

  • Experienced, factory-trained,  and Comfort Certified technicians specializing in installation and service.
  • A dedicated fleet of more than 50 service vehicles pre-loaded with the necessary supplies.
  • A large inventory of materials and parts.
  • Up-front honest pricing guarantees.
  • Removal of old equipment at no additional cost.
  • Drop cloths and carpet protectors that leave work areas neat and clean upon each job’s completion.
  • Quality time tested heating and cooling products at the best dollar value.

This combination of services, combined with our Low-Low prices, is why most of our customers choose Empire over the competition for air conditioning repairs and air conditioning tune ups. We are your HVAC company.

- Jim Eichman, President Empire Family of Services


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Why not take advantage of these savings coupons right now by giving us a call at (877) 247-6426. with our guarantees and warranties there is simply no possible way you could be making a mistake by having us help you with your home improvement challenges including an air conditioner tune up..

Free duct cleaning with a new furnace installation

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duct cleaning should be performed when the ducts are dirty

Spring cleaning is a misnomer. If you furnace needs to be cleaned, if your air conditioner needs to be cleaned it should be serviced now. Waiting until a certain time of year is foolish because........

- Jim Eichman, President Empire Family of Services

duct cleaning should not be performed by carpet cleaners

Be careful when you have your ducts cleaned. There are many companies that end up causing more problems than they solve. Some of these problems are......

- Jim Eichman, President Empire Family of Services