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  • San Clemente heating and air conditioning. Your furnace tune up starts the second you pick up the phone and call us
  • San Clemente heating and air conditioning. Your heater should be tuned up every year for safety
  • San Clemente heating and air conditioning. We tune up heating systems as part of our regular heater maintenance program
  • San Clemente heating and air conditioning. Dirty blower motor discovered during a furnace tune up
  • San Clemente heating and air conditioning. A flame roll out found during a heater tune up inspection
  • San Clemente heating and air conditioning. Your source for quality heating repair, quality air conditioning repair and top quality clean indoor allergy free air.

San Clemente Discount Furnace Prices

Furnace tune up, furnace repair, furnace maintenance, heater tune up, heater repair or heater maintenance. No matter what you call it, it must be performed each and every year to ensure that your home heating system is safe and efficient to operate.

A full furnace tune up can usually pay for itself in lower gas and electric bills and much fewer breakdowns. Furnace cleaning and heater cleaning saves money. (877) 247-6426 toll free

The Cost of a New Furnace in San Clemente is Coming Down

Whether you're in need of a whole new heating unit for your home or perhaps you simply want your current heating system fixed, the last thing you want to deal with is some slick salesman driving his Mercedes up to your San Clemente home. That will never happen here at The Rusty Firebox. We do not employ salesman, inside sales or outside sales. We only have field experienced HVAC service personal that live right here in San Clemente. There are trained and schooled to find out exactly what you need, what you want and your San Clemente home requires to provide a comfortable inside environment. We keep up to date with the current rebate programs and offer the latest in San Clemente friendly financing options.

Do You Really Need a New Furnace

Unfortunately their are a number of "tune up companies" that exist here in San Clemente. These companies send someone to "tune Up" your furnace and that person's job really isn't to Tune Up your furnace. Their job is to set up an appointment for a high pressure salesman to sell you a new furnace. The Tune Up technician takes apart your furnace and shows you all the dirty little parts and talks you into that sales call.

Many Estimates to Replace a Defective Furnace Turn Into Minor Repairs

Give us a call. It is a free estimate and you are under no obligation whatsoever. We will come to your San Clemente home and explain excatly what is going on with your furnace and we can work with you to determine whether or not a new heating system is best or whether a minot repair will work just fine for you.

San Clemente Heating Tune-Up helps prevent breakdowns and potential hazards

I hope this information doesn’t scare you. That’s not my intention. But I think it’s important you have this information so you can take the appropriate action.

Most of us feel very safe in our homes. We should. The problem is,

San Clemente heating and air conditioning. furnace tune up includes cleaning the blower wheelWhat We Don’t Know, Can Hurt Us.

Most people never think about their heating system until it breaks down. That’s because most gas furnaces are very reliable and they’re “out of sight, out of mind.”

The problem is, despite its reliability, a catastrophic failure of your furnace could occur at any time, and that failure could result in a gas leak, fire or carbon monoxide poisoning. The only way to prevent that type of disaster is with regular inspections of your heating system.

A proper inspection and tune-up is a must—every year. That’s what every furnace manufacturer recommends. And that’s why we’re writing today. We’d like to schedule your yearly tune-up before the cold weather arrives in earnest, but if we miss the early part of the season we can still extend the life of your heater by performing a tune up now. The sooner you call to schedule this tune up the more likely that your furnace will last through the season and the lower your energy bills are going to be.

When you have your tune-up and safety inspection performed, you’ll not only be protecting yourself from potential hazards, you’ll also be increasing the efficiency of your system, improving your air quality and preventing untimely breakdowns that, at the very least, will leave you uncomfortable, and most likely will occur at the worst possible time.

Our Pre-Season Tune-up and Safety Inspection is very thorough and will take about an hour and a half to perform. We’ll do everything necessary to make sure your system is in tip-top shape; we’ll check, clean and test anything that could lead to a future problem (at least 25 items). We’ll even inspect your ductwork and re-program your thermostat if necessary.

To schedule your service all you need to do is call us at (877) 247-6426 and request our furnace tune up. Call today to schedule a time that’s convenient for you.

San Clemente Furnace Care Plans

Choose the San Clemente Furnace Care Plan to save money on your utility bills with our annual 17-point master tune-up - master heater repair. Our Ultimate Service Agreement (USA) Plans can provide you all the care your heating, ducting and indoor air care system needs to operate at peak efficiency. That’s why we call them Ultimate Service Agreements. These Empire Care plans include comprehensive tune-ups, discounts on parts and labor, diagnostics, guarantees as long as 10 year parts and labor for free and first rate front of the line service. All the protection you need to help avoid  bothersome and expensive unexpected heating repairs, while helping to reduce your heating and cooling costs by as much as 20%, comes with your heater maintenance, heater cleaning and furnace cleaning.

Our 17-Point Master Heating Tune-Up here in San Clemente includes all the following services:


Clean heater burner(s) and inspect heat exchanger (firebox).


Clean and adjust your heating thermostat.


Lubricate all furnace motors, bearings, fans, and circulators.


Clean and adjust electrode or pilot assembly in the forced air furnace.


Clean the furnace air filter or install a supplied furnace air filter.


Test and adjust the heater safety and operating controls.


Inspect heater flue pipe and draft diverter for wear and leakage.


Monitor for combustion leaks, cracks, blow by and furnace flame condition.


Test the furnace gas valve operation.


Check furnace blower motor (and belt if applicable).


Test and tighten all wiring and connections.


Adjust burner for maximum efficiency.


Test the heater rise temperature to ensure proper airflow.


Inspect the furnace air ducts for leakage and damage.


Inform you of the condition of your heater.


Give you options in writing.


Guarantee your heater won't breakdown again this season.

The number one reason for furnace breakdown is lack of maintenance and the number one cause of furnace breakdown is dirt buildup.

If we perform a heater tune up on your San Clemente Furnace and your heater breaks down this season your service call is free.

There it is in writing. You cannot possibly make a mistake in having us perform your yearly furnace tune up and heater cleaning. It just isn’t possible.

Common Heating Questions and Heating Answers

Yes, your furnace tune up will be on time and it be at your convenience.

San Clemente heating and air conditioning. your furnace tune up will be on time


"We would have no hesitation in recommending Empire..."


Roy Almond, Albertsons


"Please accept my thanks to you for running a class organization"


Tom Fahg


"We were impressed by the knowledgeable, efficient and respectful characteristics of all the employees who performed work in our home"


Tom and Debbie Hathaway


San Clemente Duct Cleaning and Scams You must be aware

Furnace safety starts with your phone call

 San Clemente heating and air conditioning. furnace safety and heating system maintenance

Learn more about Ciy duct cleaning and indoor air quality by clicking here.












A home heating and air conditioning system that breaks down is no comfort at all.


Guarantees and warranties protect you to the limits of what is written. For a better understanding of the benefits and limitations of guarantees click here.



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The Empire Difference

  • Experienced, factory-trained,  and Comfort Certified technicians specializing in installation and service.
  • A dedicated fleet of more than 50 service vehicles pre-loaded with the necessary supplies.
  • A large inventory of materials and parts.
  • Up-front honest pricing guarantees.
  • Removal of old equipment at no additional cost.
  • Drop cloths and carpet protectors that leave work areas neat and clean upon each job’s completion.
  • Quality time tested heating and cooling products at the best dollar value.

This combination of services, combined with our Low-Low prices, is why most of our customers choose Empire over the competition for furnace repairs and furnace tune ups. We are your HVAC company.

- Jim Eichman, President Empire Family of Services


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Why not take advantage of these savings coupons right now by giving us a call at (877) 247-6426. with our guarantees and warranties there is simply no possible way you could be making a mistake by having us help you with your home improvement challenges.

San Clemente heating and air conditioning. Free duct cleaning with a new furnace installation

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Learn more about San Clemente air conditioning maintenance.

We specialize in heating repair, furnace repair, air conditioning repair, a/c repair, a c repair, duct repair, duct cleaning. We also install new air conditioning, new a/c systems, new furnaces, new heaters and new heating systems. We work on heat pumps, split air conditioning systems, water furnaces, hydronic heaters, package air conditioners and mini split ductless systems.

Visit our glossary and discover the language of heating and air conditioning.

Learn about the differences in Freon and what is in store in the future for your new air conditioning and new heating systems.

Contact us via email at for all your air conditioning problems and all your heating and furnace problems or you call us now at (877) 247-6426 and we can get started today in making all your air conditioning problems, heating problems and indoor air problems a thing of the past.


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